LNL is being open for registration. League of Legends teams up with WANYOO Internet Cafes to deploy the competition system of Internet cafe
Author:WANYOO Internet Cafes

A few days ago, the League of Legends officially announced that the 2019 National Internet Cafe Champions League would be officially launched. It will jointly create an electric competition for Internet cafes players with WANYOO Internet Cafes to promote the development of China's national e-sports. The total prize pool of this competition is over 400,000, covering more than 70 cities across the country. The situations of holding competitions and offering bonuses to the Internet cafes market allow more amateur players to experience the charm of e-sports and win rich prizes with their own strength at the same time.



League of Legends competition system is gradually perfecting and LNL is landing at WANYOO Internet Cafes. 

In the first half of 2019, the actual sales revenue of China's e-sports game market reached 51.32 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 22.8%, which was higher than the growth rate of the game market in the same period. E-sports was included in the “13th Five-Year” cultural industry development plan, which also released a positive signal for industrial development. With the increase of the number of users and the size of the audiences, the e-sports industry is seeking more breakthroughs in the field of events. Take the most popular game League of Legends as an example, the professional league system, such as League of Legends Professional League (LPL) and League of Legends Development (LDL) etc. is gradually perfecting. In 2018, the League of Legends National Internet Café Champions League (LOL) was first launched. NATIONAL NETBAR LEAGUE, referred to as: LNL).

In September 2019, the League of Legends officially announced that it has cooperated with the domestic large-scale chain café brand —— WANYOO Internet Cafes, and jointly held the 2019 League of Legends National Internet Cafe Champions League. WANYOO will become the exclusive Internet cafe platform of LNL. During the two-month of event cycle, the two parties will host events in more than 600 Internet cafes from more than 70 cities across the country, with an estimated number of participants exceeding 20,000.



At present, the 2019 League of Legends National Internet Café Champions League is in the stage of registration, players can register by the LNL official website or the physical shop of WANYOO Internet Cafes. The event will decide the final ranking of the second season of the League of Legends National Internet Café Champions League based on the results of three stages of the store's sea election, city competition and national finals. The winners of both in the city and the national competition will be rewarded handsomely.

Activate grassroots game crowd with the aid of two-way empowerment of the Games and Internet Cafes

Unlike LPL, LDL which are aimed at professional players and high-level players, LNL is devoted to creating an e-sports game for Internet Cafe players, with low entry threshold, and convenient participation ways, and is designed to agitate the grassroots game players. Compared to e-sports audience, Internet Cafe players own greater game engagement and stronger demand for offline gangup, e-sports games shall expand their game experience, and inject the participation value of the e-sports into games, thus enhancing user stickiness.



According to Report on the Development of China's Internet Service Industry in 2018, this industry contributed 70.6 billion yuan in revenue, and according to incomplete statistics, the output value of such industries as Internet culture industry (Internet games, Internet videos, Internet broadcast, Internet music, Internet literature and so on), e-commerce industry, e-sports industry, and IT information software and hardware industry, was driven up to 122 billion yuan, and among all, e-sports industry has been flourishing with distinct radiation effect.

The cooperation between popular games and national Internet cafes, essentially, is an e-sports inter-industry linkage with two-way empowerment. WANYOO Internet Cafes, as a large chain Internet cafe brand in China, have a membership group of 15 million, and also has its proprietary sports events---WANYOO Arena built a daily, normalized, and convenient Internet cafe competition system, being able to efficiently implement the events through the perfect cafe manager training mechanism. Clear target audience, large scale, and powerful brand awareness are the systematic strengths supporting WANYOO Internet Cafes to succeed in exclusively undertaking LNL events.



In virtue of the store resources and membership groups of WANYOO Internet Cafes, a leading brand in Internet industry, League of Legends is going to cooperate with WANYOO Internet Cafes to establish and improve the Internet cafe competition system for League of Legends, forming a benign mechanism of symbiotic cycle of LPL, LDL, LNL and other LOL events. On the other hand, it can also create exclusive e-sports games for the huge Internet cafe game crowd, jointly promoting the development of China's national e-sports.

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