Play For Dream Group unveiled, committed to building China's largest e-sports community
Author:WANYOO Internet Cafes

On August 2, the establishment of Play For Dream Group by WANYOO Internet Cafes and Bixin App was officially announced at the 17th Chinajoy in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Huang Feng, founder of Play For Dream Group, Dong Yinming of WANYOO Internet Cafes business group, Liu hua of Bixin App, Rookie of iG team and Intel, Tencent, NVIDIA and Shunwang, and other partners in the ecological field of e-sports participated in the unveiling ceremony. Actor Yang Yang, Allen, 4AM, iG, LGD, SN, eStarPro, FNC and other representatives of many clubs, former professional players Ma xixi, 09, Zhang ning, sakula, anchor Daimeierxiaobawang, Haokai and other stars of entertainment and e-sports sent blessing VCR, together to witness the establishment of the dream group.

Building the e-sports community by connecting the online and offline, facilitating the players to realize their dreams

At the unveiling ceremony, Huang Feng, founder of the Play For Dream Group, said, "E-sports have accompanied our whole youth and are still influencing more young people.” Nowadays, the Play For Dream Group consolidates the offline chain WANYOO Internet Cafes and online partner training platform Bixin App to build the e-sports community, provide better service for players and realize its own e-sports dream.

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WANYOO Internet Cafes has opened more than 600 stores worldwide, settled in six countries in four continents, the number of members have broken 14 million, it is the holy land for playing together for players at home and abroad, and receives more than 30 million players in one year, going abroad to become the Chinese teams’ overseas 'mobile e-sports base'. Meanwhile, WANYOO Internet Cafes builds the whole people e-sports event platform, star players, including Factory director, Curly hair, Wolf walking and Small eye-catching, have ever made a figure in the WANYOO Arena and become professional.

The online e-sports game partner training platform Bixin APP gather more than one million e-sports partner trainers, for tens of millions of users to provide online e-sports partner training service for tens of millions of users. Bixin APP top e-sports club in the UN builds the youth training system, so as to build the Talent Pool of each club. Many professional clubs such as iG, V5, HERO and eStarPro conducted more than 20 youth training recruitment and selection in Bixin APP, covering a number of mainstream e-sports games, including League of Legends, Honor of Kings and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, continuing to provide talents for Chinese e-sports.

In the future, the Play For Dream Group connecting the offline WANYOO Internet Cafes and online Bixin APP will provide better service experience and more abundant career promotion system for the e-sports players in China, so as to build the largest e-sports community in China.

The chief dream officer of Play For Dream unveiled on site, the wall of champions records the moment of the dream realization.

On that day, the global champion iG team of League of Legends also attended the unveiling ceremony of Play For Dream Group, lighting up "Play For Dream" with on-site guests. Meanwhile, iG “combined” with the champion skin Coser, and had a wonderful interaction with WANYOO Arena teams and fans on scene from 5 countries. It is worth mentioning that it happened to be the 8th anniversary of the establishment of iG Club on that very day. Representative Dong Yinming from the Business Group of WANYOO Internet Cafes presented the birthday cake to iG on behalf of Play For Dream Group, the fans on scene shouted together “Go for it iG, happy 8th anniversary! Play for dream together”, the scene was very warm.

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Meanwhile, championship trophies of many WANYOO teams such as iG, 4AM and VC were displayed in this ChinaJoy, becoming a resort for many players to clock in. The PCPI S1 trophy from 4AM Jedi Comeback, iG 2019 LPL Spring finals trophy, S8 FMVP recording the overall rhythm of Ning...These trophies not only engraved the glory of WANYOO Team, but also carried the memories of many e-sports players and fans.

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From the ordinary e-sports fans to professional e-sports players, and finally appearing on the highest stage to win the world championship, IG team members perfectly combined love and career. It can be said that iG is the best practitioner of playing for dream. In their opinion, playing is an upward driving force, playing by heart is the source power of dream, which not only can bring their own happiness and satisfaction, but also the achievement of their own e-sports dream.

Cooperating with e-sports ecological partners, co-creating the future development of e-sports in China

“In order to let more people play for dream like me, and provide more e-sports fans with employment opportunities and high-quality game experience, the e-sports industry needs more service providers. No matter WANYOO Internet Cafes or Bixin APP, both of them have been deeply ploughing the e-sports, and cooperated with industry associations, games, hardware manufacturers, live streaming platforms, event organizations and professional clubs, jointly contributing to the development of Chinese e-sports.” Huang Feng said.

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At the unveiling ceremony, the Play For Dream Group and Intel signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and jointly released the Internet cafe computer application standards. Both parties established an all-round cooperation in technology and service innovation, so as to set the standard to lead the development direction of the industry, and create perfect e-sports game experience for users. Relying on the combination of offline scene and online APP, the Play For Dream Group would build its own e-sports ecosphere based on the e-sports community. Huang Feng said, “Together with Intel, Tencent, SWJOY, Nvidia, iG team, 4AM team and other e-sports players, we will continue to help the development of e-sports in China and play for dream together.”

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