2019ChinaJoy ended, iG&4AM shared a stage, and WANYOO Internet Cafes was known as the most decorated e-sports booth
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The annual ChinaJoy was officially ended! In ChinaJoy of this year, the Play For Dream booth of WANYOO Internet Cafes was also known as the most decorated e-sports booth! The popular teams of iG and 4AM showed up in surprise and interacted with fans on scene; the top 6 of WANYOO Arena Global City Competition gathered together, finally Shanghai JDM • DDA team won the champion bonus of 200,000; the opening anchors of Yu Xiaoc and King King of Teamfight Tactics led teams to had PK on scene; the Play For Dream Group composed by WANYOO Internet Cafes and Bixin APP was also unveiled on scene, many e-sports stars recorded the VCR to express their congratulations! There were also super good-looking 

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Big show operation of iG and 4AM water friends big show operation, the Play For Dream booth is full of popularity

Remember the iG champion skin? iG team had a "combination" breaking through the dimensional wall with its own champion skin Coser, it also presented two wonderful water friends competitions with the audience. Rookie Yasso reappeared, playing against the wind would not be offline, The Shy didn’t play the Dyrus but the Lee Sin, the overall was so Carry6, every one cheered loudly! To your surprise, WANYOO Internet Cafes prepared the 8th anniversary birthday cake for iG on the scene, the audience on site shouted "Happy 8th Anniversary to iG" together, which made the atmosphere reach its peak!

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4AM took part in the interactive game link of junk e-sports mentality classification with fans after debut, behaviors that represent a bad game mentality, such as “pick up my gear and blast you to be disabled”, “never shoot when you can strike by car”, would all be binned. While in the 4 v 60 water friends competition started subsequently, as long as the water friends weed out 4AM members, they can get the signature edition of WANYOO ×4AM co-branded suitcase! In the first water friends competition, under the temptation of the box, the water friends bravely had full beat on 4AM, and all of 4AM were weeded out. In the second water friends competition, 4AM had high morale, VGOD even “mindlessly” drove straight into the water friends, finally all of 4AM won! The ups and downs of water friends competition made the audience scream! On the scene, 4AM also represented WANYOO Internet Cafes to awarded member benefits of 15 million, a little older sister took the signature suitcase, i9 chip, diamond fish card and other lucky prizes from VGOD.

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The WANYOO team champion wall displayed all the important trophies of WANYOO Team, including the Play For Dream booth displayed LPL Silver Dragon Cup, Demacia Cup, Ning’s FMVP, GODV's All Star Cup, PCPI champion of 4AM Jedi Comeback, iG and 4AM happened to take a group photo here! Deservedly, fans are no exception. It is rare for them to get so close to the championship trophy and take photos. This is the only place for fans to clock in for this year's ChinaJoy.

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The champion of the WANYOO Arena won the bonus of 200,000 yuan, and the water friends competition of Teamfight Tactics had “ultra high quality game”

WANYOO Arena Global City Competition Finals was also held on the Play For Dream booth! Champions from six competition areas of New York, London, Vancouver, Singapore, Hangzhou and Shanghai entered the global top six, finally, JDM • DDA team from Shanghai won the champion, defending the honor of Chinese LOL. At the same time, they won the championship trophy and the bonus of 200,000 yuan.

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LOL's newest mode of Teamfight Tactics is also becoming one of the events in the WANYOO Arena, on that very day, Yu Xiaoc and King King, the anchors of Teamfight Tactics, attended the scene as the opening guests to have a PK in a team with the water friends on the scene. Unexpectedly, the anchor Electric Batons was also drawn to the competition and recognized by the witty audience. The best shot of water friends competition is that King King and a water friend met with the "Double Dragon" lineup at the same time, in the case of only two people, was shot down by the water friend who won, really "a quality game"! Is the level of water friend so high now? The editor only wants to say 666.

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During ChinaJoy, the Play For Dream booth also set up a fun "Clock-in Game”, the super sweet Showgirl will patiently guide you to complete the game to obtain all kinds of surprises around.

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Up to now, the activities of the Play For Dream booth also ended with the ending of ChinaJoy, impressing every one as very “playful”. In the future, WANYOO Internet Cafes will bring more wonderful activities and events, provide a better environment for e-sports, but also inject stronger momentum for e-sports career development. Please wait and see!

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